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The Global Outlook feature helps you eliminate communication barriers by increasing your cultural awareness.  Success in international business relationships often depends on your global awareness.


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Communication and Electronic Technology

Global Outlook 1.1 International Gift-Giving 

One important aspect of global know-how is the act of gift-giving to reciprocate or express appreciation of a foreign business contact. INTERNATIONAL GIFT-GIVING GUIDELINES

  • Research the culture of the country to ensure the appropriateness of the gift. 
  • Choose gifts made in your area of the country, if possible; otherwise, be sure the gift is made in the U.S.A. A gift that reflects the culture of the United States is a good choice.
  • Give quality gifts (quality, not quantity, is the key). Also, fun gifts such as items from a major league baseball team are generally appropriate and popular.
  • When possible, personalize gifts. Personalized gifts include engraved gifts or items that reflect a receiver’s profession or hobby.

Global Outlook 1.2 Australian Words

Australians sometimes shorten long words to one syllable and add a long e sound to the end of the word. For example, barbecue becomes barbie.


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Qualities of Effective Messages 

Global Outlook  2.1  International Greetings




Thank you




Hsieh hsieh

SH-YEH sh-yeh


Si'l vous plait










Per favore

PEHR fa-VO-reh




O-negai shimasu

O-neh-gah-ee shee-mah-soo


a-Ree (N) G-a-too







Por favor




 *English is often used as the international language of business. However, if you want to create goodwill among business associates in another country, try speaking the language of that country. To learn Spanish, consider the Baja California Language College. The college is beautifully situated in the Pacific port city of Ensenada, Mexico, just 70 miles south of San Diego. The college offers total immersion Spanish courses lasting from a weekend to several months. College credit, Mexican family home stay, and special individual, corporate, and professional programs are available. Find out how the college can accommodate you by going to the following site: http://www.bajacal.com




United States Good Morning Good Night 


Bulgaria Dobro utro 

DUE - bro -UOO-tro

Leka nonsch 


China Dzao an 

Dzow AHN

Dazi hwei 

Dzi havy

France Bonjour 


Bonne nuit 


Germany Guten Morgen 

Goo-t’n MOHR-g’n

Gute Nacht 

Goo-the NAHKHT

Italy Buon giorno 


Buona notte 


Japan Ohayo 




Spain Buenos dias 


Buenas noches 

BOO-EH-nahs noh-chehs

   Global Outlook 2.2 Breakfast in Malaysia

North Americans should broaden their definitions of breakfast food when having a breakfast business meeting in Malaysia. The food North Americans consider appropriate for dinner  is served for breakfast to some Malays. 

    Submitted by Dr. Glenna Dod, D. Abbott Turner Professor of Free Enterprise,
         Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia; 1997 Fulbright scholar in Malaysia

Global Outlook 2.3 Commonly Confused Verbs

When English is a second language, verbs are frequently confused. Go online with the following URL, review the explanations for frequently misused words, and link to the exercises: http://www.englishbos.com/misuse1exp.htm


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Planning and Developing Messages 

Global Outlook  3.1  Tips for Mexico

In Mexico, longtime friends may greet each other by engaging in an embrace known as an abrazo. Otherwise, a handshake is typical. Also, avoid business appointments in Mexico during the midday, which is siesta time. Siestas often last two to three hours.


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Document Preparation 

Global  Outlook 4.1   Iceland

For messages composed in Iceland, days and months are never capitalized unless they begin a sentence. 

~New~ Global Outlook 4.2 Tips for Korea

When you write or print messages to someone in Korea, do not use red ink unless you are writing about someone who has just died.


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Good News and Neutral News Messages 

Global Outlook  5.1  Japanese Dinner Invitations

When a business executive in Japan invites you to dinner, the meal will take place at a restaurant, not a home. 

Adapted from "Little Things Can Mean A Lot When Doing Business With The Japanese" online article from http://www.smartbiz.com

Global Outlook 5.2 Dent’s Ten Global Tips

  1. When you have a conversation with people in other countries, make certain that everyone is talking about the same thing. When I was talking with a lady from England about jelly, she was referring to Jello.  I was giving answers about fruit jelly to her questions about Jello.
  2. If you are asked how many of an item you want in Germany and you hold up your first and second fingers, you will probably get three. Hold up your thumb and first finger to indicate two items.
  3. Individuals in Norway, England, Scotland, and Wales prefer not to be questioned about their employment.  They consider employment-related questions to be quite personal.
  4. Fruit vendors in most countries do not like for the buyer to pick up the fruit. Just point to the pieces of fruit you want, and the vendor will put the fruit in a bag for you.
  5. If you plan to give flowers to your hostess or to someone being honored at a meeting in another country, be sure to select the proper kind of flowers, the correct number, and the correct color.
  6. When you have dinner in other countries, allow enough time for a lengthy, leisurely-paced meal. Make dinner "the event of the evening."
  7. Waiters in restaurants do not rush to remove your plate as soon as you finish eating. In fact, if your dinner partner stops eating first, the waiter will likely wait until you both have finished before removing a plate.
  8. In many countries, the dinner check will be brought to the table only when someone asks for the check.
  9. Individuals from the United States normally stand in line and progress slowly along the food area while they obtain food from a buffet. In some countries, people squeeze into the line at the buffet table, pick up a plate, and get various foods.
  10. Many people from other countries know the history of their countries; they also may have an in-depth knowledge of the history of the United States. Therefore, you should read historical information about where you will visit and about the United States. Prepare yourself for lively discussions, including current events from around the globe. 

           Submitted by Dorothy Dent, retired Texas business educator and former 
             ISBE President


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Bad News Messages 

Global Outlook  6.1  Indicating No in Bulgaria

An up-and-down nodding of the head means "no" in Bulgaria; whereas, shaking the head from left to right means "yes." 

Submitted by Dr. Glenna Dod, Former Fulbright Professor, Sofia University,  Sofia, Bulgaria

Global Outlook 6.2 Stating Bad News in Bulgaria

When conducting business transactions in Bulgaria, you customarily indicate to your associate that you will take all matters under advisement and see what can be done. Usually, a couple of more meetings are scheduled before a negative answer is given. Only when monetary restraints prevent your undertaking a project would you state bad news directly. 

Submitted by Dr. Glenna Dod, Former Fulbright Professor, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria


Global Outlook 6.3 Kibun

Be aware of the Korean concept of kibun that is similar to the concept of saving face in the United States. Kibun represents the essence of well being or harmony among people; therefore, always exercise extreme care when communicating criticism to anyone in Korea.


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Persuasive Messages

Global Outlook 7.1  Multinational Caller Tips

Consider these helpful tips in talking with callers from other countries when neither you nor the callers speak a common language comfortably. 

  • Have on staff someone who speaks the foreign language in which you receive a frequent number of calls.
  • Offer incentives to encourage current employees to learn an applicable language. Many schools offer conversational courses in a variety of languages. 
  • Prepare and distribute a list of each employee who speaks a foreign language.
  • Consider using a telephone interpreter which is available through various telephone carriers.

 Global Outlook 7.2  Same Word--Different Meaning

This short story is a humorous reminder that the same word often has different meanings in different cultures. 

A friend of Dr. Brantley’s tells this story: When Ms. Evelyn Davis, a Boston native, visited England, she was challenged to ask the Mayor of Brighton to dance at an International Society of Business Education (ISBE) party. She approached the gentleman and looked at his teeth to confirm that he was wearing braces. Later she learned that braces are suspenders. He was wearing red suspenders. They did dance! 


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Employment Messages

Global Outlook  8.1    International Opportunities Online

The international link at http://www.careermosaic.com/cm/home.html opens the door to positions available in many countries. Visit the international link, choose a country, and look through the employment opportunities to determine some qualifications for international placement. 

Global Outlook 8.2 Holidays

Match the following festivals or holidays to their respective cultures.   

Festival Culture
Juneteenth French
Obon Muslim
Bastille Day  Japanese- Buddhist
Ramazon African-American

  Write down your answers and click here to check them. 


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Reports in the Workplace

Global Outlook 9.1  Report Tips

Although these tips are appropriate for all reports, they are especially helpful for a multinational audience:

  • Readers typically skim written reports. Therefore, use visuals to attract attention to important points.
  • Although beginnings and endings are most memorable in any message, messages, including reports, must have a middle.  Since visuals attract attention regardless of their position, put important information in a visual.
  • Visuals help you avoid repeating words and material.
  • Simple, specific words are the most effective.  To say lightweight isn't specific--say how light.
  • Pompous language is confusing and most often misinterpreted.  Stay away from words like heretofore, the above-mentioned, etc.
  • A report prepared with easy-to-read fonts, printed on a laser printer, and bound in an appropriate folder has more credibility.

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Answer to Global Outlook 8.2  Holidays  

Festival Culture
Juneteenth African-American 
Obon Japanese- Buddhist
Bastille Day  French 
Ramazon Muslim 

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