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The INTERNET@A.GLANCE feature provides online information for developing your communication skills. Page references for Effective Communication for Colleges, 8th Edition, are given in parentheses for all Internet@A.Glance activities.

INTERNET@A.GLANCE activities supplement chapter material and promote using the Internet to develop your communication skills.  Active addresses are provided although Internet addresses frequently change. 

If you find that a URL is no longer active, please send a message to the co-authors: cpbrantley@pcola.gulf.net or millermg@aol.com

The INTERNET@A.GLANCE activities may include helpful keywords on which to search, and most search engines give hints.  Without keywords, a person can waste time narrowing the focus of the search; therefore, you need to think through your topic carefully to determine which key words will yield the most effective results.


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Communication and Electronic Technology

INTERNET@A.GLANCE 1.1   Ethics in Action (page 22) 

The Ethics Connection at Santa Clara University presents a variety of ethics resources, discussions, and activities (including case problems). Contact the following site for more ethical case problems, discussions, and publication listings: http://www.scu.edu/Ethics


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Qualities of Effective Messages 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE   2.1 Free E-Mail  (page 35) 

Without buying or installing anything, you can register for a free e-mail account at the following site: http://www.hotmail.com/


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Planning and Developing Messages 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE    3.1 Internet Jargon (page 66) 

Whatever you wanted to know about Internet jargon, you are likely to find at this address: http://www.matisse.net/files/glossary.html. List five examples of Internet jargon. 



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Document Preparation 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE   4.1  Electronic Articles (page 138) 

Consider subscribing to Neat Net Tricks, a free electronic newsletter. To join, send a blank e-mail to the following e-mail address: join-neatnettricks@silver.lyris.net

INTERNET@A.GLANCE 4.2 Congressional E-Mail  (page 98)

Expand your information base that relates to the Internet activity on page 98 in Effective Communication for Colleges, 8th Edition, and locate a congressional e-mail directory with the following URL: http://lcweb.loc.gov/global/legislative/email.html.

INTERNET@A.GLANCE 4.3  Acceptable Use Policies (page 117 and Exercise 4-8, page 127)

As you investigate ethical issues related to electronic communication and acceptable use policies (computer network policies), review the work that has been done by Arlene H. Rinaldi at Florida Atlantic University and Wes Morgan at the University of Kentucky. Two URLs are: http://www.fau.edu/rinaldi/net/netpol.txt and http://www.fau.edu/rinaldi/netiquette.html


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Good News and Neutral News Messages 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE 5.1  Adding Emphasis (page 138)

OWL (Online Writing Lab), a project of the Purdue University Writing Lab, is an e-mail server: owl@cc.purdue.edu and a web site: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/   You may explore more than 100 handouts; link to "Resources for Writers," select "Instructional Handouts," and click on "Professional Writing." Select a specific handout, including "Adding Emphasis." 


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Bad News Messages 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE  6.1 Communicating Bad News (page 166 through page 169)

For additional online information about bad news messages, use a search engine and do a keyword search with phrases such as communicating bad news. 



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Persuasive Messages 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE   7.1  Over-the-Phone-Interpreters   (page 206)

Visit the AT&T’s Language LineŽ Service at http://www.att.com/languageline. Read and record this information about the services offered: 

  1. Summary of available services, including how many languages are offered.
  2. List of 25 of the available languages.
  3. Overview of cost.

Explain the benefits of this service to your profession or area of study. 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE  7.2  Persuasive Messages

Using Activity 7.2 as a base, search the Internet for examples of organizations selling stress management workshops or soliciting donations for an environmental protection organization/event. 

As you find each example, take notes on the characteristics of the "product." These notes will help you learn more about the product so that you can plan and develop an effective message. Consider the descriptions that best reflect receiver benefit: How are the descriptions worded? What kinds of words help you understand the product? 

Choose either selling the stress management workshop or requesting money for the environmental activities. From the information you gathered, determine which ideas you think will best persuade the receiver to do what you ask. Write one or two paragraphs incorporating those ideas.


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Employment Messages 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE  8.1 Online Look at Careers  (page 226)

Spend more time at http://www.careermosaic.com/cm/home.html. List the links on the homepage and summarize the content of each. 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE  8.2 Employment Information

Try this web site for helpful employment information: http://www.bestjobsusa.com

Click on "Career Guide" for a variety of links to job databases, salary reviews, corporate profiles, etc. Make a list of the web site topics.


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Reports in the Workplace 

INTERNET@A.GLANCE  9.1   A European Visit (page 285)

Select a country and write notes on your findings.  Prepare an informal memorandum for your instructor that explains what you found at the site and how that information helps you better understand the country that you selected. 


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